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Camelle Daley; consultant, executive coach, growth strategist, optimization expert, and passionate advocate of corporate journaling to help employees with their mindset and mental wellness.

I have 21 years and over 15,000 hours of real-world experience.

l speak, mentor, coach, and write on the power of cultivating team performance, building sustainable growth, spiritual-based leadership, creating clarity, mindset strategy, the importance of mental wellness and using corporate journaling.

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Sharing the power of an Enterprenierial mindset

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to the good old days where we hired people right out of high school and college with the expectations that they were going to plan on working at our company for most of their careers? Nostalgia is a fickle double-edged sword.
Let’s face it: the times have changed. We no longer have the “lifelong” workers who are planning on investing 20-30 years at the same company to max out their retirement accounts, obtain their workplace stability, and put in the work to become an essential part of the long-term growth of a company.
In today’s world, things look vastly different than they did 10-15 years ago, specifically because of the Millennial Generation occupying nearly 35% of the current workforce, closely followed by their Gen Z counterparts who are slowly entering the workplace. There’s no shortage of discussion around how businesses should be evolving to accommodate the Millennial expectations of the workplace, most notably with companies investing in bean bags and ping-pong tables.
The biggest issue that companies are facing is changing the way they drive leadership and employee engagement in the office. Employees are no longer just looking for a job; they want a career. Having a career means having an opportunity to grow, change, have old mindsets challenged and be a part of a company that provides actual value to its customers AND society.

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Approach to Growth Strategies

Companies book me because they get a more personal and no-nonsense approach to growth strategies. They get easy-to-understand solutions that produce instant results, through training that focuses on specific problems and solutions. 
I offer a cost-effective and modern option for growth training that builds company culture, develops strong leaders, and adds to your bottom line. 
Entrepreneurial mindset, mental wellness, and corporate journaling training are great ways to continue that growth and add to what you're already doing well. For example, my Corporate Journaling Experience is designed to help teams have an outlet and deal with the struggles that are keeping them from growth, and thus, high-performance growth. 
The Health of Your People = The Health of Your Business
It is imperative that we invest in our employees’ health and well-being, as this will always be one of the most efficient ways to maximize employee output and engagement. If people are healthy, their brains are healthy, allowing for higher cognitive processing and decision-making that will directly affect the business’s output as a whole. 
If you would like to have a conversation about team building, growth, mental wellness strategies, and corporate journaling, let's arrange a time to speak here. 

About Camelle

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ElishaProperty Developer

We had a refreshing and inspiring time. I feel so much clearer in my overall direction and what steps I need to take next. She asks the right questions to get you to dig deeper in your answers and thought process.

LonetteEvents Strategist

Camelle is one of the most authentic people I know! I loved how quickly she was able to get to business, yet the first session didn't seem overwhelming or rigid. She helped me feel comfortable and valued. I can see already how she’s helped me break my goals (that have seemed monumental) into "bite-sized" attainable tasks!
I feel that way about All of the sessions! I always leave feeling like I can conquer take on the world!


The best way to describe Camelle is: she’s like a bright light on a foggy morning! She can literally use your own inbuilt skills to help you realign and get clarity in any situation you are in. She’s well rounded, direct and warm and can reach you wherever you are, bringing along peace! Thank you Camelle!


I am blown away with the wonder that just happened in only 30 minutes.
I started with one big issue that needed addressing (which in all honesty I didn't think could be fixed).
But 30 minutes later Camelle has somehow managed to touch every area of my life and my heart is so happy right now.
How you turned the mess of thoughts and feelings I presented you with, into a clear, concise and achievable plan... I do not know. All I will say is WOW!

JoeCareers Coach

Camelle was such an encouragement, not just practically but helped light of a spark of ideas and then have simple steps to undertake to get started. Her knowledge has given me a great platform to launch something special and fruitful.

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Ready to talk about team building, growth, mental wellness strategies, and corporate journaling?
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“Companies book me because they get a more personal and no-nonsense approach to growth strategies. They get easy-to-understand solutions that produce instant results, through training that focuses on specific problems and solutions”.

Camelle Daley

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