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1. Journaling is a powerful way to process life; reflect, reason and understand.
You get to slow down and have a conversation with yourself.

2. Build a relationship with yourself. We take time to build relationships, healthy habits and boundaries with others, what about with ourselves? Learn how you think, understand your habits and discover your patterns.

3. Understand what you’re going through. Analyse the past, present, people and perspectives.

4. Dig deeper into “MY WHY”. Think deeply about your thoughts, actions, your reasons and intentions.

5. Connect the dots of the past, present and future. There’s a great plan waiting to be discovered. Where you’ve been can explain a lot about where you are and can be a road map for your future.

I remember journaling and connecting some dots I hadn’t seen before. I realised that my paternal grandfather, in his day, was a renowned tailor in Jamaica and my maternal grandfather was a Preacher. Now I am a Fashion Designer for Women in Ministry. Coincidence? I think not. Making these connections strengthens my resolve because this isn’t a fun business I chose to start it feels like I’m living a rich legacy.

Journaling isn’t just something for children, it’s a powerful tool we as adults can use to Process the Process of life.

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Camelle Daley

Camelle Daley

I’m a natural motivator and encourager. This is my blog, this is me. Here I give myself permission to #BeMe. I write my thoughts and feelings about life for anyone who’s interested.

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