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I highly recommend this book The Miracle Morning my Hal Elrod. It talks about daily habits that can transform your life before 8am. Here’s how I use the SAVERS.

My daily SAVERS:

  • Silence for me this is my personal time of Prayer. I pray and speak to God all day but I like to carve out special time for my God, my Father, my Friend ❤️
  • Affirmations this is so powerful. I have 5 to 10 that I say out loud everyday and they’re so powerful. For 2-3 Days I said “House of ilona is the number brand of Women’s Clergy Clothing in the world” and get a call from the number 1 Clergy Shirt Company in Europe wanting to work with me and it freaked me out, I stopped saying it for a while because my words we creating (sounds like creation). I do Affirmations now, it Affirms what I believe God is doing in my life, it’s good to hear myself say these things and we live in a voice activated kingdom, our words are powerful. I speak it and I do my because to live it out and not contradict in the day what I said in the morning.
  • Visualization I’m working on this but again, such a powerful thing. God has given us an incredible imagination = Image Nation. There’s a whole nation in our minds that waiting to be animated by us positivity or negatively it goes with our flow. So flow in the direction you want your thought and indeed your life to go. In your mind sit behind the desk or wheel or counter of your dream job or business. What does it look like, smell like, what type of people are you working with, go there. Do it for your dream Car house or project. See yourself in that third world country hugging the children and handing out what you brought them, giving clothes, visiting the sick, empowering the locals.
  • Exercise so important to commit to everyday even if strapped for time and it’s just 7mins of press ups, lunges and squats, it’s something’s which is better than nothing.
  • Read I am working on my physical book skills as as I’m the audiobook queen there’s something really powerful about having a physical book in hand and reading it, old skool I know lol.
  • Scribe for me this is journalling which had really helped me process through difficult times, improved my writing and I highly recommend it.

What daily routine will you commit to. I recommend these because they cover so much of the bases. This could take 3hrs on some days or 30mins on other days but I guarantee you, if you commit to these daily you WILL grow as a person.



Camelle Daley

Camelle Daley

I’m a natural motivator and encourager. This is my blog, this is me. Here I give myself permission to #BeMe. I write my thoughts and feelings about life for anyone who’s interested.

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