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“…dem is fighting words!!”

Would be my response at the mere suggestion of going forwards lowly. But still I’d hear from incredible visionaries and successful Business People that “slow and steady wins the race”.

When I was younger I was the hare in the story, as I mature, live and learn I’m becoming more tortoise like.

Yes I want to win. Yes I want to achieve my goals but no, I’m not in a rush any more.

Having a little success is great!! But it can also be dangerous cause you want to scale from x10 sales per week to x100 or x1,000. But can you handle;

  • the orders,
  • Returns,
  • Enquiries,
  • The same level of excellence and quality,
  • Complaints,
  • Marketing cost…

The list goes on and on.

Scaling gradually means;

  • Ironing out any issues,
  • Learning, learning and learning some more,
  • Perfecting your model,
  • Being able to answer all Yes’ to the above “can you handle…” list

Unforeseen things will inevitably arise but it best if you can handle, with confidence, what you know will arise.

When you’re small and agile you can manure and make quick changes. This is the best time to make them, then it’s time to Scale.



Camelle Daley

Camelle Daley

I’m a natural motivator and encourager. This is my blog, this is me. Here I give myself permission to #BeMe. I write my thoughts and feelings about life for anyone who’s interested.

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